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Janne Robberstad jobbar fulltid freelance som kunstnar og teater-designer i eige firma Spøt & Spindel. Nedanfor er ein link til bloggen min, for inspirasjon.



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Eidesvik reception

By Janne | April 30, 2009


Eidesvik Offshore wanted to repaint their reception, and asked me if I could make something for two of the walls. So here is one of them, the other one is still in my head. I usually install the art myself, but since I was away, the pictures went straight from the printers to the framers to the new owner. The top two ones are actually reprints. I never do that, but this is the company who owns the originals, and together we thought it would be nice. The children you can see vaguely in the background are the two previous owners of the shipping company. Father and son, Lauritz and Simon. They are both dead now, but have done a tremendous job in building the company and a community around it. Securing the people in Langevåg not only jobs, but a lot of extra benefits as well. A couple of years ago, they built a huge culture-house for the community, just so people would like living there better. I have a huge respect for them, and of course the people who run the company now. They have a policy of supporting their local community, and this has given me the chance to develop as an artist. They have given me decoration-jobs for over a decade now. Something I am truly grateful for.eidesvik-reseption1

The bottom picture I made new, to complete the story. The piece is actually called “Vision”, and is partly inspired from a traditional Norwegian folk-song. About how a man looks out over the rocky shores, and “sees” that he can have a future her, decides to build his home (company) here. Slowly and steadily, building, one rock on top of the other, until one day he not only reaches his vision, but gets so much more. So the bottom picture is of course the rocky shore, the top left is first generation, top right is second generation with two rock-towers, even taller than in the left/first generation. It´s a very symbolic piece, and I think it´s easier to understand if you know the song. 

Oh, and the rock-towers are stacked “live”, not in photoshop 🙂 I have a good friend I went to teachers college with, who has this boulder-beach not far from her house, and some Sundays, she goes to the beach, and makes these little pieces of everyday-art, and leave them for others to enjoy.

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One Response to “Eidesvik reception”

  1. Susan Williamson Says:
    May 6th, 2009 at 21:22

    These are wonderful prints. I especially like how you explain the back story when you post your art. I always look forward to reading about it.