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Janne Robberstad jobbar fulltid freelance som kunstnar og teater-designer i eige firma Spøt & Spindel. Nedanfor er ein link til bloggen min, for inspirasjon.



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Viking Nereus

By Janne | March 24, 2004



On the rocky shores of a thousand islands

– this is where my heart sings it´s silence


where the restless waves always dance

– this is where I build dream-castles in the sands


where the fishingnets hang drying on the boathouse-wallÂ

– this is where I grew up proud and tall


where the ancient slopes of naked rock patiently listens to the seagulls wailingÂ

– this is where my soul is sailing


where the volcanic truth once melted hard

– this is where heron is standing guard


where the enriched light of dawn belong

– this is where my faith grew strong



and in cold winternights whispering

Aurora Boralis dances by

– this is where my limbs long to tryÂ

a midnight waltz across the sky


where beaten and battered driftwood turn in to salty silver treasures

– on these shores my memory gathers pleasures


where the white-tailed eagle glides across the glittered sea

– this is where my spirit is untangled freeÂ


where the bare rock-faces whisper secrets in your ear

– this is where the dusks are crisp and clear


where the ancient nature is still pure at heart

– this is where my passion paints its pale blue art

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